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sentencing day. in a matter of hours casey anthony could become a free woman. what plans are in place in florida to maintain control. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for thursday, july 7th, 2011. we're going to take a live look outside right now. it's 5:00 a.m. 73 degrees out there. it is a little bit muggy. a little steamy. not too bad, though. this could be the most comfortable throughout the day. we are going to get another hot and huchld day. we could get storms later today. a man who knows about all of this and more is meteorologist tom kierein who joins us to tell us about our forecast. what do you think, tom? >> indeed. hot and humid day. temperatures this afternoon going to be up in the low and mid 90s, perhaps. even now and then. pleasant morning under way. although it is rather muggy, temperatures are into the low to mid 70s. so, comfortable. the air is soft and yielding on this thursday morning. the 7th day of july. we have a mostly clear sky.
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venus is up in the eastern sky. jupiter, in the southern sky now. and overnight, and from yesterday afternoon with all those storms that rolled across virginia, those have now headed out to sea. and behind that, the sky has cleared out nicely. there is the mostly clear sky now over the mall. live picture from the city camera. and we'll have our sunrise here at 5:50 this morning. by 9:00, should be bright and sunny. near 80 degrees. it will be near 90 by noontime. and by midafternoon, we ought to hit the low 90s. maybe even mid 90s in a few isolated spots by midafternoon. but we'll have clouds building, as well. and by late afternoon, into early this evening, some thunderstorms are likely. and they should be continuing into tonight. we'll look at your night planner. that will be in about ten minutes at 5:11. let's check traffic. danella, good morning. how's it looking? >> still looking good this morning. checking the roadways for you, and so far our area is nice and smooth and peaceful if you're making your commute this early. here's 270, i can tell you 270
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north and south, the tail lights that you see are traffic coming from 270 south. i've been watching those tail lights, they are increasing but you're still traveling at a great speed. i have no accidents to report for you as we head down to 395 north of edsall, you are clear. as well as the 14th street bridge. it's like peaceful over there right now. and let's head down to d.c. this is eastern at kenilworth. d.c., i'm checking your local roadways, and so far you have a smooth commute this morning. eun back to you. >> all right, danella, thanks so much. in a matter of hours, casey anthony could walk out of court a free woman. nbc's kristen dahlgren joins us live from orlando with a look at today's hearings. sentencing. kristen, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. yes, still hard for a lot of people to believe, but this could be the last morning that casey anthony is waking up in jail. at 9:00 a.m. this morning, here at the orange county courthouse, there is a sentencing hearing on
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those four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. the only counts that she was found guilty of. judge belvin perry who oversaw the trial, will make that decision. now, each of those counts carries a maximum one-year sentence. so the most she could get is four years, if she's sentenced to serve them consecutively. the judge could also have her serve them concurrently, and then could give her credit for time served. she's already spent almost three years in jail. she's been in jail since october 2008 on these charges. so she could conceivably get out later on today. a huge crowd expected out here at the courthouse. and one other note, we finally did hear from one of the jurors who made the decision to acquit her on those murder charges. she said that it wasn't that she's thinking casey anthony necessarily is innocent, she said it was a difficult decision, many of the jurors cried, but that the prosecution just didn't prove it. they didn't know exactly how little caylee anthony died, and
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so, according to the law, she says, they had to acquit her on those charges, eun. >> and kristen, what about security at the courthouse? especially if casey anthony is released today. >> yeah, we're expecting huge crowds here at the courthouse. now, after the sentencing hearing, she would have to be brought back to the jail for processing. and there jail officials say they do have a security plan in place. they wouldn't give us any specifics, but they're expected to bring her out of the courthouse -- or out of the jail, rather, if she's released, in secret. remember, there have been death threats against casey anthony. some 17,000 people have liked the "i hate casey anthony" facebook page. and so there are definitely security concerns. but officials here say they're ready. >> all right, kristen dahlgren live in orlando for us this morning. kristen, thank you. as kristen mentioned we're learning more about the jury deliberations in the casey anthony trial. one of the jurors who reached that not guilty verdict on the murder and child abuse charges did give an exclusive interview to abc news.
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>> there wasn't enough evidence, there wasn't anything strong enough to say exactly -- i don't think anyone in america could tell us exactly how she died. if you put, even just the 12 jurors in one room with a piece of paper, write down how caylee died. nobody knows. we'd all be guessing. we have no idea. >> jennifer ford also said it was a horrible decision to have to make. but based on her decision -- but she said she based her decision on the law. new from overnight in montgomery county, a business suffered major damage after a car crashed into it. take a look at the video of the car that slammed into the side of the diner and bakery on university boulevard in wheaton. the car had to be flipped right side up and then towed away. one person was taken to the hospital but we do not have any information about that person's injuries. heads up if you are taking the vw parkway this morning. police are still looking for the man who advanceallized a speed camera vehicle parked on the side of the parkway in anne arundel county.
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the man walked out of the wooded area just north of the route 195 late yesterday morning, armed with a shotgun and a hammer. police say the man shattered the vehicle's windshield and started yelling incoherently at its driver. he then walked back into the woods. no shots were fired during the attack. the driver was shaken but was not hurt. 5:06 is the time. we're still waiting to hear from d.c. town till member harry thomas over some questionable charges on a debit card in the name of a nonprofit organization that he runs. the washington city paper published the charges from the card in the name of team thomas. the group is supposed to introduce underprivileged children to sports. those charges were made between 2007 and 2009. they include, $143 charges at hooters. $278 at jimmy buffett's margaritaville in myrtle beach. nearly $600 at a hotel in little rock, arkansas. and $160 at a steak house in little rock. this comes on the heels of d.c. attorney general irv nathan's civil lawsuit which claims
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thomas used $300,000 in city money as a personal expense account. thomas denies the accusations but has stepped down as chairman of the economic development committee pending an investigation. harry thomas isn't the only d.c. council member under scrutiny today. the d.c. board of elections and ethics is holding a hearing in to d.c. council chairman kwame brown's campaign finances. brown's campaign committee is accused of failing to report more than $100,000 in contributions and nearly $350,000 in expenditures. the ethics board confined brown over further matter to the u.s. attorney's office for possible criminal charges. president obama is pressing congressional leaders to consider a far-reaching debt reduction plan. the president is meeting with top leaders from both parties at the white house this morning. according to "the washington post," the president will propose the democrats accept major changes to social security and medicare. in exchange the president would ask republicans to move off of their no new taxes stance.
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up until now, republicans have refused to go along with any plan that raises any taxes. but democrats demand a deal that combines cuts with new revenue. >> the president said he prefers a big package, we all do. >> pay up. stop this millionaire protection ring that's operating right now. >> president obama is pushing congress to reach a deal within two weeks on raising the nation's borrowing limit, as well. the deadline would work out a debt limit deal -- working for that deal is august 2nd. we're following breaking news in malaysia. police stormed a kindergarten class and subdued a man who had taken 30 students and teachers hostage. all the hostages are safe now, after the nearly seven-hour standoff with police. the man held the children with a machete on the top floor of the two-floor building. 5:08 is the time. who says the iphone and ipad has a major flaw? ♪
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welcome back. it's 5:11. 73 degrees out there. some clouds in the sky, and it's humid and sticky already. not that bad, but this could be the best of it today. get ready for another steamy summer day. meteorologist tom kierein has the forecast. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> hi, eun.
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comfortable now compared to what we'll have this afternoon. temperatures should climb about another 20 degrees for highs this afternoon in the low to even mid 90s. right now low to mid 70s throughout most of the region 74 reagan national. just a few clouds on the eastern horizon. there's capitol hill in the middle distance, and by 9:00 we should be near 80. lots of sun this morning and into early afternoon. already near 90 by noontime. and then the low to mid 90s, mid to late afternoon. then clouds building late afternoon, and by then, we'll be down to near 90, and some scattered storms likely developing. and then, into the evening hours, here's your night planner. we could have passing showers and thunderstorms through most of the night tonight. and unfortunately, we could have some of those storms unloading a lot of rain in a short amount of time which may cause small creeks and streams to come out of their banks. so if you're going to be out and about and coming up on high water late tonight, it's really hard to see. of course, late at night you think it's just a pond or a little puddle. it could be a pond of water on the roadways.
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that will be from late tonight into very early tomorrow morning. by this time tomorrow morning, ought to settle down. then more, perhaps, on the way tomorrow. we'll look at that and the weekend into next week. that will be in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> let's start out with the rails. rails are open, metro, marc and vre are all running on or close to schedule. and the roadways for you, it's looking great. good morning prince george's county. your roadways are clear. i have no accidents to report for you. let's take a live look at our beltway right now. this is at new hampshire avenue in maryland, inner loop and outer loop is looking good. let's head down to virginia. the beltway in virginia. you are clear, as well. i have no accidents or delays to report for you. as you head down to d.c., d.c., this is 36th street. your roadways are clear, as well. i think if i drop the pin, i may hear it. maybe not but at least your roadways are clear. back to you, joe and eun. >> that won't last too long, danella, sadly. >> thanks, danella. >> 73 degrees. ahead a missed sign and a close call.
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welcome back at 5:17. tibet's spiritual leader is meeting with top u.s. lawmakers today. the dalai lama is in town hosting an eleven-day prayer service and peace festival at the verizon center. later today he is scheduled to meet with house speaker john boehner and house democratic leader -- minority leader nancy pelosi. the white house declined to comment on whether president obama will meet with his holiness. new decision 2012 now. mitt romney is leading most republican polls right now, and now he's officially leading in the money race, as well. the former massachusetts
5:18 am
governor is the runaway leader in money raised for the second quarter, banking a little more than $18 million. other candidates, ron paul, tim pawlenty, and jon huntsman all reported about $4 million raised. michele bachmann has not revealed the amount of her contributions so far. and newt gingrich has had a rough second quarter, ending it in the red. the former house speaker is at least a million dollars in debt as he tries to recover from a large chunk of his staff quitting back in june. jury selection for roger clemens' perjury trial enters its second day today. the former cy young award winner is accused of lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs. his former trainer told authorities he personally injected clemens with steroids and human growth hormone. there are some big names on the potential witness list, including former sluggers blairry bonds and mark mcgwire and joe torre, and brian cashman. this morning the founder of pakistan's nuclear weapons program says north korea paid millions of dollars to senior
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pakistani military officials in exchange for nuclear technology. "the washington post" reports the kickbacks occurred in 1998, and it published a letter describing that secret deal. if it's true it could deepen the distrust between the united states and pakistan. a helicopter crash in california killed one marine and injured five others. the crash happened yesterday afternoon at camp pendleton, which is about 50 miles north of san diego. a spokesperson says the helicopter was in a remote mountainous area where marines usually conduct training exercises. the five injured marines were taken to the hospital, but there's no word if any of the injuries were life threatening. park police in yellowstone national park are investigating why a grizzly bear attacked a man and a woman, killing one and injuring the other. this happened yesterday morning as a husband and wife were hiking on the wapiti lake trail in the eastern part of the park. park officials believe the couple may have accidentally scared the female bear and her cubs, which prompted her to
5:20 am
charge, killing the husband, and injuring the wife. a spokesperson says according to the report, the bear acted normally defending her cubs and will not be killed. the running of the bulls is under way in spain. the nine-day festival began yesterday with drinks of sangria. today thousands will try to yut run six fearsome bulls through cobblestone streets in pamplona. the same bulls will face the matadors in the ring. they may not be quite as dangerous or stupid as running with the angry bulls but you're still taking your life in your hands in baseball when you sprint home from third base, as the pitcher winds up, and the batter is unaware that you are heading his way. >> runner's coming. oh, my goodness! >> the nationals michael morse learned that last night at a game against the cubs. ramos missed the sign for a suicide squeeze and swung away as morse charged home. fortunately ramos fouled the ball back and the ball missed
5:21 am
morse and morse didn't get a bat in the teeth, either. he was just about ten feet from the plate. here's the kicker, they executed it perfectly during that same at-bat. ramos laying down a bunt and morse scoring. what turned out to be the game-winning run. the nats beat the cubs 5-4. michael morse is not a little person. >> no, he's not. >> he's a big guy. thank goodness it ended the way it did. it could have been ugly out there. >> very dramatic and very gutsy to try it again after it failed the first time. >> and worked. go nats. all right, gentlemen, here's a little advice if you're thinking of proposing to your girlfriend. first of all, make sure she says yes. although, can you really make sure she says yes? i don't know. >> no, you can't. and secondly, do it in person. >> yeah, that's an important one. >> listen to this. the dallas cowboys roy williams can attest to that. he put a, listen to this, a $76,000 engagement ring in the mail, along with reported proposal. >> come on! >> talk about a double whammy.
5:22 am
first of all his girlfriend shot down the proposal, she said next. then she kept the ring. williams is now suing to get it back. his now former girlfriend's father, who somehow wound up in possession of the ring, well he now says that he will return the ring. >> there are so many things wrong with that story. starting with mailing of the $76,000 ring. recorded proposal. and i don't know. >> not cool. >> no. i guess people are going to be not surprised that she said no. >> a lesson learned. >> maybe she'll change her mind. let's go to tom kierein now. hi, tom. >> good morning. starting off this morning with a partly cloudy sky over capitol hill. that's a live picture from the city camera. you can see a little bit of summer haze and humidity in the air. and around the region, our temperatures are down into the low and mid 70s. so at least it's a pleasant morning right now. but it's going to get uncomfortably hot and humid by later this afternoon. right now prince george's, arlington, fairfax, low 70s. mid 70s in washington by the
5:23 am
chesapeake bay and the lower eastern shore. weather watchers reporting temperatures around 70 degrees. now in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the 60s. we should have quite a bit of sun this morning. temperatures will soar to near-90 by noontime. and we ought to hit the low to mid 90s by midafternoon. then we'll have clouds building, and likely some storms popping up late this afternoon, and into tonight. in fact, we could have some brief, heavy downpours tonight, all the way until after midnight. some of which could produce some localized flooding. so watch out for that if you're going to be out and about tonight. then on friday, too, some more maybe heavy showers later in the morning on friday. and then during the afternoon into friday night, with some thunder and lightning. that, too, may cause some additional localized flooding. highs mid 80s tomorrow. but the storminess ought to be done by around, oh, dawn saturday. after that we'll dry out saturday. sunshine back, highs reaching upper 80s and a bit less humid, and not too humid on sunday either. up near 90 with lots of sun. here's a look into next week.
5:24 am
monday, tuesday and wednesday, looks like it's going to get more humid again on monday and tuesday. and we could get storms on tuesday. but then lower humidity returns. a nice break coming in. looks like midweek, end of the week next week. and now let's check traffic. danella, how's it looking? >> right now we're talking about volume. but we're not talking about delays. that's a good thing. going to show you how our area is increasing in volume right here. this is 270. the head lights towards us, 270 south. i am seeing some volume in this area. but you're still traveling at a good speed and that's a good thing as we head down to virginia. this is 95 north. at pohick road. the lanes are getting a little filled. but you're still speeding right along. as we make our way further up towards 395 north of edal you can see that it's clear as you make your commute and carry on to the 14th street bridge. metro, marc and vre are all running on or close to schedule. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. this morning, d.c. mayor
5:25 am
vincent gray is urging the board approving plans for the dulles metro station to build it above ground. gray once supported plans for an underground station but now says that's too expensive. he said the $300 million price tag would jeopardize the entire rail extension to dulles. gray, who is a democrat, said he made the decision after talking extensively with republican virginia governor bob mcdonald. metro's board of directors will get an update on the problem of escalator repairs. the latest numbers show more than 100 of 588 escalators are not working. maintenance work essay that they found flip-flops and sandals stuck in escalators at foggy bottom, and smoke poured from an escalator on monday at the dupont circle station. riders can see exactly which escalators are not working any time online by going to the website there is a new risk to your favorite apple devices. hackers discovered a security flaw in apple's operating system
5:26 am
for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. that warning comes from germany's i.t. security agency. the agency claims there is a bug in the software that could let hackers gain control of your devices. apple says it is aware of the problem, but has not released an update to protect against the latest potential threat. one of steve carell's potential replacement for "the office" has signed onto the show but not as the boss of dunder mifflin. james spader has agreed to be a full-time cast member of the nbc show. he'll play robert california, ceo of saber, the parent company of dunder mifflin. the 51-year-old star is replacing kathy bates who was on the show for two seasons. producers for "the office" have not announced who will replace michael scott as the head honcho. big, big shoes to fill. >> that's going to be tough. >> will ferrell is the name that i've heard a lot. >> he did a tryout a couple times during this past season. but, going to be interesting to see what they do. >> james spader is a great addition. he's a great actor. >> he is good.
5:27 am
but steve carell is going to be mixed. coming up, nasa not catching any breaks. how do i take on tough back pain?
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debt deal. a key meeting is hours away, and there are reports this morning that both sides are softening their hard-line stance. also, sentencing day. this morning casey anthony learns her fate and prep wragss are in place in case she leaves court a free woman. and hidden threat. the government issuing a warning about a new way terrorists could beat airport security. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news 4 today" this thursday, the 7th day of july. taking a live look outside. misty morning out there. hazy already. going to be humid, hot one. 73 degrees. here's tom to look at the forecast. >> sunrise in about 20 minutes. but we do now see a few areas of patchy fog beginning to develop quickly here. just in the last 10 or 15 minutes. we've had this fog quickly developing in patchy areas. it's now widespread so watch out for that. right now low and mid 70s
5:31 am
throughout much of the region. reagan national now at 73. around the bay, lower eastern shore, low to mid 70s there. partly to our west, 70 up to the blue ridge. parts of the shannoenandoah val have dipped into the 60s. heavy rain we had in virginia yesterday and southern maryland now heading out to sea. and being replaced by a clear sky over the haze and fog that we have beginning to form, and we have temperatures around the region likely climbing by midafternoon to the low and mid 90s. you can see that summer haze in the air there in washington. and we'll have temperatures already near 90 by noontime. and then, quite a bit of cloudiness around by mid to late afternoon. some of those clouds, towering cumulus that may turn into thunderstorms. in fact, likely will do that tonight. we'll take a look at your night planner. that will be coming up in about ten minutes, at 5:41. let's check the commute for this thursday morning. danella sealock, how's it looking? >> i do have a report of an
5:32 am
accident inner loop of the beltway at maryland. in maryland at university boulevard. i want to show you a live look right now. because traffic still seems to be flowing at a good speed. and this is right at university boulevard. hopefully this accident isn't going to cause you too much of a delay as you make your way. let's head around the beltway to braddock road. the beltway inner loop, actually north and south in virginia you're looking good. i am seeing a lot of headlights and tail lights, but no incidents, and you're still traveling at a good speed. as we make our way down further, this is 95 north of the okay wa kwan. i am seeing some traffic out of the occuquan out of woodbridge but no accidents or major delays at this time. i'll be back in ten minutes. >> thank you very much, danella. today at the white house republican and democratic leaders from both sides of the house and senate will square off over raising the country's debt ceiling. the stakes are high if congress does not fact in a few weeks, the country could fall into default. brian moore has more now from
5:33 am
capitol hill. >> hi, joe. ahead of today's meeting, president obama was unusually blunt. he said that the debt ceiling should not be a gun held to the heads of the american people. well, going in to today's meeting, each side had some firm demands. but republicans are showing some signs of softening on what has been a key sticking point. and that is ending some of the big tax loopholes. house majority leader eric cantor, who walked out of the last round of talks, now says he is willing to talk about closing some of those loopholes in return for a bigger picture compromise. republicans don't want to raise taxes. democrats want to raise revenue somehow. president obama and speaker john boehner will really be the most important voices in the room here. it will be up to them to convince skeptibles in their own party that whatever comes out of this will end up being a fair deal. joe? >> brian, thanks very much. a court ruling in california may end "don't ask, don't tell."
5:34 am
the federal appeals court in san francisco issued an order saying the military can no longer enforce the policy that bans gays and lesbians were serving openly. congress had already voted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." the people we spoke to say they're glad the policy is ending. >> i personally feel that your sexuality has nothing to do with your capabilities of being able to fight in the military. so i think it's great. >> your sexuality has nothing to do with you being in the military, your decision to serve. so if you want to serve, and that's how you feel, then, hey, i'm all for it. >> a department of justice spokeswoman says they're reviewing the ruling and had no comment on whether the department would appeal the decision. casey anthony could be a free woman in just a matter of hours. at 9:00 this morning she's scheduled to be sentenced on misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators. those were the only charges the jury found her guilty of in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. anthony was acquitted of the murder and child abuse charges. so far only one juror who actually deliberated the verdict has spoken publicly.
5:35 am
>> it doesn't feel good. it was a horrible decision to have to make. but i had to do it based on the law. >> casey anthony faces up to a year in prison on each guilty verdict. but since she has already been in jail for three years, the judge could sentence her to time served which means she would go free today. extra security is in place, and there is a plan to get her out of court safely if that does occur. once today's hearing wraps up, she will likely be back in court for a new lawsuit. zenaida gonzalez is suing her for defamation. back in 2008 anthony claimed a baby-sitter of that same name kidnapped her daughter caylee. gonzalez says that claim ruined her reputation. authorities served anthony with a subpoena for a deposition as soon as she returned to jail from tuesday's verdict hearing. this morning lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn says their client will not plead guilty to any charges.
5:36 am
"the new york times" reports lawyers and prosecutors met jed but did not talk about a plea bargain in the sexual assault case. meanwhile, the d.a. denied a request for a special prosecutor. a lawyer for the hotel maid at the center of the case made the request after phone conversations between their client and the d.a.'s office were leaked to the media. today, the d.c. board of elections and ethics will hold a hearing on d.c. town till chair kwame brown's campaign finances. his campaign committee is accused of failing to report or substantiate hundreds of thousands of dollars of contributions and expend yours during his 2008 re-election campaign. the ethics board could decide to fine him or refer the matter to the u.s. attorney's office for possible criminal charges. meanwhile, d.c. councilman harry thomas may have more trouble on his hands. the washington city paper just published some questionable charges on a debit card in the name of team thomas. that's thomas' nonprofit group which is supposed to introduce underprivileged kids to sports. those charges were made between 2007 and 2009. they include, $143 charges at
5:37 am
hooters. $278 at jimmy buffett's margaritaville in myrtle beach. nearly $600 at a hotel in little rock, arkansas. and $160 at a steak house in little rock. this comes on the heels of d.c. attorney general irv nathan's civil lawsuit which claims thomas used $300,000 in city money as a personal expense account. thomas denies the accusations but has stepped down as chairman of the economic development committee pending an investigation. new overnight. a car crashed into the side of a month qomry county business. the car on the side there. car slammed into the side of samantha's diner and bakery on university boulevard in wheaton. the car, which has alabama license plates, had to be flipped right side up and then towed away. one person was taken to the hospital. we do not have any information about that person's injuries. and there's no word on the amount of damage caused by that crash. it is now 5:37. still to come the tsa warning about a new undetectable threat terrorists are working on.
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time right now is 5:40. that would be 20 to 6:00 if you're keeping track. 73 degrees, if you're keeping
5:41 am
track on your thermometer this morning. look at that humidity out there. going to be a sticky one. >> that's for sure. let's check in with tom kierein for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, any relief any time soon? >> if there isn't we're going to have the running of the meteorologists. around the region again another hot and humid day. right now, though, it's comfortable. temperatures are in the low and mid 70s throughout much of the region. right now, 73 at reagan national. and we've got a mostly clear sky over the haze and a little bit of patchy fog we have around. there's the summer haze over the potomac river. we'll have our sunrise in about ten minutes. temperatures by 9:00, with the hazy sunshine around 80 degrees. it will be near 90 by noontime and clouds building this afternoon by midafternoon. we ought to get the low to mid 90s. late afternoon, and tonight looks like the timing now for thunderstorms likely developing, and some isolated storms later on tonight. here's your night planner. could be, perhaps, with some
5:42 am
heavy downpours along with the thunder and lightning. some of the heavy downpours may cause some localized flooding and that may continue all the way until after midnight. then an overcast start to friday in the low 70s. we could have a bit of a stormy day tomorrow. we'll look at that, the weekend, and a bit of a break from the high humidity. we'll look at that in to next week in about ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning, right now our rails are still looking good, metro, marc and vre are all running on or close to schedule. as you make your commute on the rails. i want to show you right here, 270. this is 270 south at 109. i am seeing some congestion as you make your way out of urbina and head south towards clarksburg. but so far no accidents, and nothing too significant at this time. as we check out d.c., this is new york avenue, right at florida. they have a light here but i've been watching this traffic. it's moving right along. don't worry they'll start moving any minute now. i want to show you this, this is 66 at fairfax county parkway. can't you see that it's getting
5:43 am
foggy out there in this area? just be careful, because as you're driving it may be a little difficult to see in some parts. eun and joe back to you. >> thanks very much. time special rules in place for the royal couple.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
many complain that airport screening has become too invasive but it turns out it may not be invasive enough. there's a new threat that terrorists might be able to fool high-tech body scanners by surgically implanting explosives into their bodies. the tsa says this type of bomb would be very difficult to detect. there is no indication that anyone has actually attempted to do this. melissa mollet is live at dulles international airport now with more on the possible impact on
5:47 am
flyers. good morning, melissa. >> well, good morning to you, joe. when you head out to the airport next time you may see more pat-downs happening in the line in front of you, perhaps more people being pulled aside to be questioned, and more full body scanners, perhaps even new technologies we have not seen as of yet. under one scenario a terrorist on board a u.s.-bound plane would inject a chemical detonator into the part of the body where the device is implanted. it could also be radio controlled or even set off by a cell phone. homeland security officials say there is no indication of any plot like this under way right now, but al qaeda associates overseas have talked about trying to find a doctor to do it. while there's no single piece of technology that could deter something -- excuse me, detect something hidden under skin, a plan like this could be hard to carry out. >> we don't know how the explosive would react in the body, how the impact would be affected because of the body, and you don't know what affect it would have on the individual being in the body. >> it won't stop me from
5:48 am
traveling. but it will just, you know, i'll have to just be -- continue to be more aware. and i think you know, airports, and the tsa is just going to have to continue to be more aware. >> flying into the u.s. have been warned at this point. terrorism experts say this is just more proof that al qaeda is still focussed on air travel. live in front of dulles international airport, melissa mollet, news 4. >> thanks very much. it is now 5:48. we have a warning if you plan on taking the vw parkway today. police are looking for a man who went after a speed camera vehicle parked on the side of the parkway yesterday. they say the man walked out of a wooded area just north of the route 195 exit in anne arundel county. he was armed with a shotgun and a hammer. police say the man hit and shattered the vehicle's windshield and started yelling incoherently at the driver before walking back into the woods. no shots were actually fired and the driver was shaken but okay. montgomery county's board of education is expected to decide
5:49 am
today whether the county will open its first charter school. the board is scheduled to vote for two applications on charter schools. they open for the 2012-2013 school year. one is for a montessori school which would serve children from preschool through third grade. the other school would serve kindergarten through eighth grade. the competitive nature in journalism to get a story first could now get five british journalists arrested. the "times" newspaper is accused of hacking into phone lines of families of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. this comes as the paper's owner, news international, faces similar accusations. authorities say the tabloid "news of the world" tapped into voicemails of families of murder victims. one case involved a teen abducted and killed in 2002. authorities say the tabloid deleted voicemail messages on her cell phone, which gave her family false hope. news international's owner rupert murdoch called the new allegations unacceptable. preparations are under way for the royal couple's visit to
5:50 am
california. they will land at the los angeles airport tomorrow. they're only in los angeles for three days. the duke and duchess will attend a business event for british trade at the beverly hills hilton hotel. a charity polo match. and a job fair. the couple is taking extra measures to make sure that they have some privacy. they have legally secured paparazzi-free zones. that means that if the photographers get too close, they could get arrested. meanwhile, the duke and duchess are wrapping up their visit to canada. at the last minute they decided to visit the heavily fire damaged town of slave lake yesterday. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed by wildfires there in may. today the couple spend some private time at an undisclosed location before they head to calgary later this afternoon. history may have to be put on hold in florida. nasa's final space shuttle mission may be pushed back, because of bad weather. nearly 1 million people are expected to be on hand for the final launch near the kennedy space center tomorrow morning. "atlantis" is on the launch pad, ready for its scheduled takeoff.
5:51 am
but there is a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms at cape kampl. nasa hopes to catch a break in time for the launch. >> it could be pouring rain everywhere else in the county. and if we get that hole in the right spot at the right time, we can go. from that standpoint, right now, i'm feeling pretty good about trying friday. >> nasa usually waits until the last minute to scrub a launch but may call this one earlier than usual to give astronauts time to get through the crowds. crews packed the shuttle with a year's worth of food and supplies for the international space station. it will be the final supply mission for the space shuttle program. >> 5:51 is the time now. another look at weather and traffic on the 1s. >> tom is here to tell us about the steamy forecast. >> it is like a steam bath when you step out. it is very humid. temperatures in the low and mid 70s now. it's so humid we're actually getting some fog forming. you can see a little bit of light fog, and haze over the potomac river. and the sun came up about a minute and a half ago. but you can't quite see it yet. because of the thick haze we
5:52 am
have over the region. and the patchy fog as well. right now low to mid 70s throughout most of the region. 73 at reagan national. and in prince george's county, low 70s as well as arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. weather watchers reporting low and mid 70s with patchy fog. also weather watchers reporting patchy fog around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. temperatures there are generally right around 70 degrees. it's dipped into the 60s in a few spots in the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains down into the 60s. and even upper 50s in some of the high elevations there. and to our south and east, around the lower part of the bay, lower eastern shore, it's in the low 70s there, too, with some patchy fog. a lot of storminess over yesterday afternoon and last night, passing just south of washington. that moved out to sea. and that's being replaced by a clear sky over the haze. although the haze is so thick, we're not going to see the sun yet for aheil. which is good. hold off some of the heating rays of the sun. but you can see that it is brightened a bit. and we do have that haze over
5:53 am
the potomac now. and our temperatures by 9:00 with the hazy sunshine should be around 80. 90 by noontime. a hot and humid afternoon. looks like we'll make it into the low, maybe even mid 90s. few isolated spots by mid to late afternoon. clouds building, too, as a front sort of stalls out over our region. late afternoon and tonight. some scattered thunderstorms are likely. some of which could produce some brief, heavy downpours that may cause some localized flooding this evening and all the way until after midnight tonight. then by dawn tomorrow, overcast in the low 70s and another steamy day tomorrow. more clouds around so it should be cooler. highs mid 80s. and maybe some heavy showers in the morning, as well as during the afternoon on friday, into friday night. along with some thunder and lightning. again there is a threat for some more localized flooding tomorrow from some heavy downpours, on friday afternoon, into the evening hours. especially. and there might be a lingering shower south and east of washington saturday morning. otherwise, we'll dry out and turn a little bit less humid for the weekend. just in time. highs near 90 on saturday and
5:54 am
sunday. should be sunny saturday afternoon and during the day on sunday. and monday. it's going to be turning a little bit more humid, and into the low 90s, and tuesday could get some storms around us as another front comes in. lower humidity for wednesday and into thursday next week with highs in the 80s and sunshine. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. well i have a report of an accident coming out of prince george's county at landover road at fire house road. all your lanes are blocked. fire is on the scene, police and ambulance are there. i'm going to keep tracking this for you and let you know when those lanes reopen. also want to show you some live shots here. this is 270 and father hurley bloofd. you can see these head lights coming down. that is 270 south. i want to show you the fog and tell you i am seeing some congestion as you make your way out of urbana and head south towards clarksburg. no accidents just congestion. head down right now 66 at cedar lane. you can see 66 east is getting packed at this time but you're still traveling at a good speed so far.
5:55 am
can't promise that's going to last. and i want to show you 95 north of pohick. this is where i'm seeing things heat up, 95 north, as you make your way. i can tell you if you're traveling on 95 north, once you get towards 395, the lanes are going to open and so far it's pretty clear as you make your way over the 14th street bridge. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. >> we'll see you then. the new iphone could be on the way. "the wall street journal" reports that apple has now placed orders with key vendors for the next model of the popular smartphone. some suppliers say the iphone 5 could be thinner and lighter. they also say it will have an 8 mega pixel camera. another vendor says the company plans to sell -- hopes to sell 25 million of the units by the end of this year. the new phone should be out in the third quarter. heads up for verizon customers. starting today, verizon wireless will end its unlimited data plans. the nation's second largest wireless carrier will start offering monthly data plans with
5:56 am
a cap on usage. it means you could end up paying more for extra internet, video and downloads. the country's number one carrier, at&t, did away with its unlimited data plan last year. well, you can now skype with your friends on facebook. the founder of the social media platform made his much-promoted so-called awesome announcement yesterday. the concept of video chatting is not new. but simplifying it and introducing it into the social networking realm could give it, and skype, a major boost. initially, there is no money changing hands between the two companies. and you can try it right now by going to this morning metro's board of directors will get a detailed report on efforts to solve the escalator problems at a number of stations. the latest numbers show more than 100 of 588 escalators not working. maintenance workers say they found flip-flops and sandals stuck at escalators at foggy bottom, and smoke poured from an
5:57 am
escalator monday at the dupont circle station. metro's customer service and operations committee will deliver its report to the board at 9:00 this morning. also today metro's board will hear some suggestions for simpler station names. the transit agency is suggesting names that reflect the areas where trains stop like u-street cardoza african-american civil war memorial station. instead of that mouthful the station might just become u-street cardoza. the smithsonian station might get national mall added to it to make the station more familiar to occasional riders. changing station's names, though, would require 2600 new signs and about 5,000 new maps. the agency is also expected to shoot down the idea of selling naming rights to the stations. >> well the construction project beginning today that will shut down part of a busy intersection in prince george's county. >> also ahead at 6:00 a.m. the rare attack at one of the country's most popular national parks. playing with your friends?
5:58 am
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